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Troy gallery changing its mission

Art Beat

TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE The Martinez Gallery, a notable presence in downtown Troy for 11 years, is moving and changing. First, the move: The gallery is moving from its first-floor location (1,300 square feet) in the Cannon Building to a more intimate (800 square feet) space at the same address, on the second floor. According to owner Laudelina Martinez, it will remain a commercial gallery accenting "value" and "high quality" (attributes the Martinez Gallery was justly appreciated for), but instead of offering a year-round schedule of exhibits, the new Martinez Gallery "will concentrate on making connections between artists and clients, and will provide professional services, such as initiating acquisitions, cataloging, developing commissions and expanding or rounding out owners’ collections." The move is expected to be completed by mid-May, and the gallery should reopen by mid-July.

Martinez Gallery Announces Partnership

Martinez Gallery is collaborating with Colonial Cultural Heritage Project of Florida and Triennial Miami to bring Pietro Costa's light installation, grace - 10 years since..., to the Corpus Christi Church Campus near Wynwood, Miami's district for art and desgin.
The installation runs through January 29, 2012.

Troy gallery reaches out to Miami space

Excerpts of the official news release

grace Miami Front of Card


The Gallery invites you to read comments about the gallery and its exhibitions.

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On the last Friday of every month, the Gallery stays open until 9:00 pm to join a celebration of art and culture in Troy. Galleries, craft shops, and antique stores are among the venues that stay open late. The music in the streets and in certain halls adds to the sense of festivity. Artists take over some retail spaces for the night with installations, exhibitions, and installations. Restaurants, cafes, and pubs offer their specialties, attracting a knowing crowd pleased to be in an urban party. If you are ever in the Capital District area on the last Friday, come visit us.

*See Times Union video of Troy Night Out*


"Africa of My Heart" is an exhibition curated by Martinez Gallery for the Marvin Library at Hudson Valley Community College. The exhibition features the fine art photography of Cesar Chelala, who has visited Africa many times. Chelala is represented by the Martinez Gallery. Besides his work as a photojournalist and fine art photographer, he has Ph.D and M.D. degrees. The exhibition runs through March 2011.


The Martinez Gallery has been supporting the work of a nonprofit organization in Troy, Troy Cinema and Visual Arts, Inc. Thanks to Sanford Horowitz, member of the Board of Troy Cinema, the space next to the Gallery - 7 Broadway - has been used to feature emerging artists, video performances, and others involved in art and design. Click here to see a recent video by Clara Tomaz, a Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute graduate student in Electronic Arts, who has exhibited at 7 Broadway.


Take a look at our tours Hofmann and Hudson River.


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